The Crooked Tail

Our side of the story

The pursuit of well being is often not as easy as advertised on social media and television. Our own tale as a family has had many obstacles and injuries alongside unbelievable experiences. These are what led us to make our own life change and to encourage those of you who are seeking, as we did, to come and share a piece of your journey with us. 

Our very private boutique resort experience allows our visitors to simply relax and be taken care of. While at our place, depending on your interests, we are partnered with several local companies that can accommodate your every wish, from elite aeronautic fishing to remote locations, Nordic hikes, and coastal excursions. Maybe you will even see a Moose, migrating Pelicans, Grizzly Bears or more?


If well being and personal rejuvenation are your goals, we can help transport you into a deeper sense of yourself with holistic therapies and quiet getaways with your own guide. We also offer a variety of unique retreat weeks that will run at different points in the season between June and October.  

Fun ultimately is what travel should be about. If you are not having fun you are not in the Chilcotin!

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Whether you are a regular participant in our daily activities, or looking to join your first retreat, you’ve come to the right place. The Crooked Tail is engaging, safe, and fun!  Geared towards people from all walks of life, looking for a way to reconnect to themselves and the earth. We believe that mindfulness equals happiness and encourage our participants to challenge their daily habits and truly take away a life changing experience.

We know this journey is not a straight line but a very crooked tail.

All your Needful Things

Gimme the low down.

Roost and Rest at Ease

At The Crooked Tail we have beautiful rooms, each different to suit the individual, couple or small group travelling. We also offer a private guest cabin or guest apartment option. We offer Bales & Breakfast for travellers.  All meals, snacks and non alcoholic beverages are provided with your stay. Different check in and check out options available to accommodate your travel schedule. As an complimentary add on to your stay, we offer drop in morning & evening meditation. You have the option to privately book a variety of holistic rejuvenation services, workshops, wellness treatments or exclusive excursions.

Funkn' Hungry?

We thought you might be hungry so we cooked up some flavours you could be missing! Our food is fresh and made daily for our guests. Breakfast is your choice between hot and cold selections, all well-balanced and changed daily. Lunch can be packed for you in a cooler to take for the day or join us on the patio for some tasty fare! Dinner includes appetizers, salads, a main dish and dessert. Our menu will have a selection of vegetarian and raw selections. Special dietary needs can be facilitated with advanced knowledge. Snacks and non alcoholic beverages provided daily in between meals and at your leisure anytime during your stay.

My tail is good... now what?

Aside from our personalized guided experiences, over night trips and transformation workshops you might want to wonder off on your own.  What do you want to try: and who do I know who does that? We suggest allowing us to book you an amazing day with one of our incredible neighbors! They have cool stuff! Upon booking ask us for options on external excursions while staying at "The Tail".

Good Shoes, good vacation!

Weather here is pretty good most days! Big blue open sky.  For higher elevations your best bet is always layered clothing. A windbreaker style jacket, hoodie, long and short sleeved shirt. Convertible pants and really good foot wear. For every excursion and even swimming or creek walking.  Shoes! Runners are not the best but if it is all you have bring a cross trainer and don't forget your socks!  A back pack for day hikes and your personal creature comforts is also a good idea. Of course the camera! Everything else you can find here and if you forgot it.. you don't need it or you can borrow one of ours:) BUG REPELLANT, never leave home with out it!