The Fisherman and the Dakelh, woman, “People Who go Around by Boat“.

meet your wilderness guides

Expert angler Clayton Ellis is a light-hearted local with a big hearty laugh ready to show you the best spots and share a few of BC’s best-kept secrets. On tours, Clayton provides guests with life jackets and rod holders along with high-quality rigs for you to have the very best experience possible. As a licensed and experienced guide, he is well versed in the terrain and what to expect in the wilderness. I hear he’s not a bad camp cook either!  The types of fish that can be found in the lakes in the area are Bull trout, Lake trout, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, and Dolly Vardens.

For longer trips and overnight, our guide helper and Ops support is his life partner Arylnn.

Arlynn hails from Fort Saint John and as Dakelh First Nations is no stranger to the wilderness. A crack shot and expert fisher-woman herself! You’ll be happy to see her if you require some bugs spray or a cold beer!  Arlynn is outdoor life.  Inspired by her ancestors, she takes inspiration and creates paintings with special meaning and connection to her spirit.  

Aside from fishing sporty trout, they both enjoy all seasons in this outdoor lifestyle.  Hunting, fishing, gardening, and preserving. When they are not in the boat the two live on their beautiful acres in Alexis Creek and enjoy a simple life. 

Come make ”The Crooked Tail" snap as it jumps out of the water and lands in the boat! Relax, unwind and let our angling experts take care of you,