2021 TOURS

Fishing Tour

Book your guided private or small group fishing tour in pristine freshwater lakes and rivers in the Chilcotin!

Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Fishing Guide & Equipment Included

Explore & take in the scenery of our local freshwater lakes & rivers

A different lake each day.

ask  us about adding in extra meals and overnight stay


Chilcotin, BC

Pricing starts at $750.00 CAD per day 

Meet us at "The Tail" at 6 am or come to stay the night before. Enjoy a full day of fishing and return to the lodge by 6 pm


Add on to your experience

Custom tour packages available

Ask about adding remote fly-in only lakes

Overnight camp outs under the stars

Additional meals and longer trips

Forest Submersion

Half Day

Meal Included

This merge with nature is all about relating in the wilderness and reconnecting to the earth. Expect to experience holding the world in the palm of your hand and see your responsibility in it.  On this exclusive, sensory experience, feel the flow of nature’s current, how it relates to our life path, and our pursuit of well being. This immeasurable experience is the perfect counterbalance to the precipitous lifestyle most users of the world keep. It is like no other!

This half-day guided tactility tour will take you trekking into a variety of nature’s kingdoms. Full sensory submersion in untouched aquatics and forest scenery inspire you to strip back the layers of your hurried life, let it all go, and surrender to the power of the earth.   

Shift your awareness to the breaths you are not taking and slow your heart rate to the beat of the Chilcotin. Allow your brain time to freshen in order to reclaim peace of mind, straighten your crooked tail and regulate clarity of thought. 

All custom sensory submersion trekking experiences are built to satisfy the client(s) ability.

Price: $260.00 per person