Mon., Aug. 05 | 19585 BC-20

Reinvigorate Your Well Being

This 7-Day stay is for adults looking to set aside a week dedicated to themselves and their needs. The week consists of day excursions to world-recognized locations, nature tours, morning and evening meditations, self-refinement workshops, and much more!
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Reinvigorate Your Well Being

Time & Location

Aug. 05, 2019, 8:00 a.m. – Aug. 11, 2019, 11:00 a.m.
19585 BC-20, 19585 BC-20, Kleena Kleene, BC V0L 1M0, Canada

About the Event

Reinvigoration Vacation

6 nights, 7 days , Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and non alcoholic beverages and snacks are included

Needful Things Store On Site…Liquor, Beer, Wine, etc. available. No outside alcohol permitted on the premises.

Morning (9am) and Evening/Closing (meditations …45mins long (10 minute warmup, 20 minute movement, 15 minute cooldown and shavasana)

Daily Nature Walks : Day Walks of trails of varying difficulty, TBD by individual groups.

2 Exclusive, Day Pack Excursions…Rainbow Mountain, Valley and Hunlen Falls , Sand Dunes

Day 7 is a sleep in day, eat a nice last meal and complete the week with a closing ceremony

Optional activities during free time: Horseback riding, Aerial Plane rides, Wildlife, (Marine and Land) Watching, **Additional Costs for these excursions, please see website for more details on our neigbouring hosts!

Program Goal: Reinvigoration Vacation for 6nights & 7 days straight!

Do you feel you have enough time in a day/week/year to take care of your personal wellness needs? Are you someone who has trouble sticking to a regime change that is for your benefit, but may require you to step temporarily away from others’ to do so? Are you needing a catalyst to kickstart a new habit?

Our week-long getaway is facilitates wellness workshops, daily meditations, hiking, and day excursions to world-recognized locations. We teach you how simple tricks, for example, walking in our surrounding forests, create a spark in you.

Who doesn’t want their meals & beverages cooked & served to them? We know this location may be an adventure to travel to, but I bet, once you get here, you will be grateful you came because your peaceful lakeside spot with a clear view of mountains and sunsets skies await you. At the top of our 6-acre private property, you can take in the skyline of the Chilcotin Valley forests for miles. We want to catch you if you’re in need of being caught, we give you a space where for you to put your feet up next to a cozy fire by the window and read a book. Sit in peace and comfort.

During the week was discuss ways to make it easier to build the foundation of your lifelong wellness regimen.…help you identify and refine behaviours so you can rely on the improved mindset to navigate the ebb and flow of your health over your lifetime.

There is no shortage of information and learning tools in the present age of the internet, are you looking for someone to support you in getting started on your health and wellness journey? Our remote lodging provides privacy, discovery and the recovery of your energies. When people motivate you with their words it is wonderful and makes you want to take action, but how many times does the motivation last longer than a day/week/month? If you are someone who needs assistance catalyzing a routine or would like to rejuvenate in peaceful landscapes, we have a week have a week for you! It will be full of workshops on how to enhance our self awareness, reflection and give an opportunity to really pay attention to ourselves.

We have created and constantly refine wellness workshops to provide during the 7 day retreat. We want your stay with us to be soothing, healing and rewarding. We would like your life to flow with as much ease as possible and when the road gets inevitably tougher at times, you have a set of resources within your personal foundation to rely on to keep you resilient and navigating life’s stressors or changes upon the horizon with grace and a little grit.

We want our program participants to feel supported throughout the stay and even after they have journeyed home! As part of the retreat, we provide a 30 minute follow-up call service 30 days post-stay.

Day 1 - Have a “goal of the week”, One goal per day

Warm Welcome Meet & Greeat! Outline the next 7 days

Breathing Basics & hydration

Week goal: Become aware of our current wellness routine and life routine, make a few adjustments, have fun trying new things!

Day 2 – Mind, Body, Spirit/intuition/energy flow each week new step forward with these 3 categories

Mindful Breathing: The importance of rest in all forms (sleep, meditation, exercise, writing)

Workshop: Decluttering the Mind with the help of Nature:

• Clutter in our physical and non-physical environment create weight which can be stressful or a burden to carry. It can be obvious and subtle, so by creating a space without clutter because everything has its place, you do not have to worry about household clutter being on your mind’s subconscious or conscious mind. Organizational: Tidying clutter in the home/living spaces to free the mind – Room #1 the Bedroom…make it an OASIS

• Journaling done your way, Download Insight Timer for free wellness on the go

Body: Postural Alignment & Forest Submersion

Making room for flow, creating peaceful perception

Day 3

M: New breathing /meditation/self reflection exercises…morning and evening

B: Rainbow Mountain Excursion

Day 4

M: New breathing video/meditation/self reflection exercise, Theme: Positive Self Talk, Healthy Reflections, affirmations for the subconscious brain rewiring

B: Mobility, in my opinion, is defined both by the strength and flexibility surrounding a specific joint by the muscles which are responsible for the joint’s movement. The combination of the two create the mobility of the joint, they need each other to exist.

Workshop: Weekly goal-setting and self-reflection practices will help you improve your habitual behaviours day-to-day. Life can be filled with people, places and things which drain our energy cup, we have a course which encourages you to learn how to be an energy replenishing expert. The bonus is as you fill your energy cup with people, places and wellness routines which assist in this, you will be changing positively on the inside and it will show to other people on the outside.

Day 5

M: How we start our day matters, movement is important…Morning and Evening Routine Consistency

B: Hunlen Falls Excursion…Sound, Vibration, Resonance Work

Day 6

M: Chakras, Sound Healing

B: Pelvic Floor/Spine Health

Workshop Topic: Create spaces in our houses which represent oasis and zero tension. Decluttering the Home helps keep the Mind Decluttered Create an exclusive, special meditation space with exercise mat space/reading space/cozy and warm, diffuser and essential oils, music in many forms

Day 7…Sleep in, morning meditation is optional and still running!

M: Celebration of You and Gratefulness in your life

Closing Meditation Ceremony

Farewell for now.

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